Self-Defense Programs

We offer various program lengths to best fit your schedule and needs.
We also offer special training options for law enforcement real-estate agents & corporate customers.
5 Week Academy
Two (2 HR) Nights a Week

Basic, Intermediate & Advanced

  • Striking

  • Escapes

  • Edge Weapons

  • Firearm Defense

  • Real Life Scenarios

  • Combat Conditioning

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COBRA™ Gold Immersion
10 Hrs over 2-3 days
  • Most Popular

  • Small groups - 6 students max

  • Fast and most Effective way to get fully trained

  • Ideal for frequent travelers, college students and busy executives

  • Same curriculum as the 10 week

One Day Camps​

Basic & Intermediate

  • Striking

  • Escapes

  • Edge Weapons

  • Firearm Defense

  • Ground Defense

  • Real Life Scenarios

  • Combat Conditioning

Teen Self Defense

Abduction, Exploitation & Violence Prevention

  • Social media safety

  • Anti-abduction defense

  • Awareness training

  • Traffic/Parking lot safety

  • Social Life safety

  • Self-Defense training

  • Human trafficking awareness

Kids Self-Defense

Child Abduction Prevention

  • "Circle of Security" instruction

  • Kidnapping/Abduction Defense

  • SAE  IT Drills (Scream, Attack, Escape)

  • Bully & Confidence Scenarios

  • Simulated 911 calls

  • Exams

Bully Response
  • Create a family plan

  • Build a case

  • Use our scripts to get action

  • How to contact school officials

  • Identify suicide/ depression warning signs

  • Situational Scenarios

  • Cyber-Bullying prevention

Corporate Programs

Active Shooter Response Program
  • How to handle an active shooter situation

  • An established and practice plan can greatly increase your chances of survival 

Workplace Violence
Response Program
  • How to handle an Combative Coworker or  customer

  • Reduce employer liability and empower employees

Real Estate Survival Workshop
  • Are You a Hard Target or a Soft Target?

  • Can You Defend Yourself for 11 Minutes?

  • Empower Yourself. Empower Your Employees.