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Our Staff

Amy Ratekin

Owner / Lead Instructor

With a unique set of professional and academic credentials and over 20 years of practical experience in the special education, event production and martial arts, Amy brings the most sought after teaching capabilities in the industry.

Professional Experience;

COBRATM certified instructor

VP of Iowa Taekwondo Alliance

Master Instructor rank in Taekwondo

Internationally certified Adaptive/Therapeutic Taekwondo

Certified Event Producer

Head instructor/owner Spirit TKD

Creator of Taekwondo system to teach students with special needs

Mark Ratekin 


Mark is an Army Veteran with two tours in Afghanistan.  He holds a masters black belt in Taekwondo with over 20 years as a student and 10 years as a Senior instructor.  Mark also holds a COBRATM certification and licensure.   

Paul Hubbard


Paul as a certified COBRATM instructor.  Paul's ability to work with children of all ages and women with compassion and gentle demeanor makes him a great asset to our training center family.  Paul has also spent over 15 years studying various martial arts and weapons handling.

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